As of today, our repertoire includes 59 songs. The list below gives you an overview of the work we do:

African songs
Traditional gospel
French and international songs
Wedding songs

African songs
Alléluia we alléluia
Glorify the Lord , Alleluia
Alléluia, "X" abali "Y" lelo
Alleluia, "X" and "Y" just married today
Bless the Lord, my benefactor and fortress
Bohumbu *
Do not be a slave of the pleasure of the world
Kolinga Nzambe *
To love God is to work for love
Kumisama *
Father, You are the love, be glorified in our heart
Celebrate joy, peace and the love of Christ
Libala *
Thanks God for the wedding of your children
I adore you, my angel
Mfumu wetu uu utufwile luse
Lord, forgive us
Moto oyo
The one who fear Lord, will live for a long time on the earth
Mwana kondo wa Mungu
Lamb of God, forgive us, give us peace
Ndikulambula Mfumu wanyi
Lord, we are offering You our gift
Ozali mwinda ya bomoyi na nga
Father, You are the ligth for my life
Tolia nzoto ya Mokonzi
To get the body and the blood of Christ
Tosengi na Nzambe apambola
Bless lord today this couple, now and for ever
Totambola na Ye *
Walk along with the Lord
Yandi Nzambi wa ba sila silulu
You are King of kings
* Author-composer : Aloïs KOKA

Traditional gospel
Amazing grace
Ave Maria
Dans la chapelle de Harlem
Happy days
I say a little prayer
This little light of mine

International and french songs
I will always love you

Le Seigneur nous a aimé
The lord loved us

Les anges dans nos campagnes
The angels in our country

Let the sun shine in

Quand on a que l'amour
When you have only love

Savoir aimer
Being able to love

Soyez bénis
Bless you

Toi tu es toujours là
You are always there
Tu es mon autre
You are my other

The list of songs described below is a complete standard list. Some people can choose the complete diagram, others rectify it by:

adding other songs;
reducing them;
creating an original diagram.

Diagram of wedding with Eucharist
Song of entry
1. Welcome
Kyrie songs
2. Opening the celebration
3. Reading
1rst reading
A song after reading
2nd reading
Gospel and reading (sermon)
4. Exchange
Exchange and concert
Song after saying YES
Exchange of Wedding rings
Love songs
Bride request
5. Eucharist
Universal request
A short song
Introduction of gift
A song during offertory
Eucharistic Prayer
Sanctification song

Our Father

(can be musically performed)
Wedding blessing
Agnus Dei song
A song during Communion
6. Register signature
A song during signature
7. End
A song for the end

Our repertoire
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