The choir Chorale Allégresse has been created in June 2001 by its three current members. After being part of different African choirs, they wanted to create a choir which would have its own style and identity. This idea had an immediate success as many choristsers joined the group.

Our mission

The mission of Chorale Allégresse, through its hymns of praise, is to:

extend gospel music in order to raise up faith to those who don’t believe and to strengthen faith for believers;
give to celebrations a festive and joyful character;
promote love, Charity, fraternity, joy and peace among its members;
think, speak and pray in the name of Jesus;
support moral and spiritual values;
develop faith, hope and charity among its members.

our style

The style of Chorale Allégresse is deeply marked by “African gospel”.

The four main branches of modern gospel music are:

1. Protestants hymns, written during the 18th century.
2. Songs performed by slaves and orally transmitted to future generations.
3. Gospel hymns created by black composers of the 20th and 21st century.
4. Gospel songs with profane lyrics influence.

The African gospel therefore constitutes a revolution, with its use of jazz chord and tomtom ; while American gospel uses major-minor chord. The “African gospel” gives originality to its songs with stirring tunes that bring warmth and elation.

The "African gospel" is embodied by a particular mix of African songs (particularly from DRC) and traditional gospel songs.

For the joy of married couples, Chorale Allégresse also sings some modern French and international songs celebrating love.

Who we are
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